Shared Office Space In delhi

Co-working simply the word means “to work together”. Talking in a more specific way, co-working means to work together at a single place where people usually work together. Unlike a normal office, co-workers are not usually employed by an organisation. Those who work in co-working place are freelancers. Freelancers are usually persons who are self-employed but do not get restricted by the particular organisation. It is not just about the sharing of infrastructure and money, but the idea is the new way of working and sharing.

Co-working is a work home where we can work as we like with a hint of excitement in the air.

The adventure of Coworking space began in 2005 when people in San Francisco opened their homes to fellow freelancers looking for working space and collegiality and the first officially designated ‘coworking space’ was born. Generally speaking, in traditional corporate setup employees from different departments are reluctant to approach each other while in coworking spaces people from different companies freely reach out to each other and collaborate. And the members feel that it is the culture that drives this behaviour. People working in coworking spaces feel like a family and share a healthy competition. They keep each other motivated and inspire each other to thrive towards excellence.

Talking about the benefits of co-working, here are some points concerned with the benefits of coworking:

  • Comfortable area to work. It provides a comfortable area to work.
  • Freelancers who work in a co-working place find more meaning in their work because of the fact that whole selves can be present during the process.
  • Strengthen identity. Unlike, normal offices, co-working spaces have different members who work for different companies, where they can share their ideas, their views, opinions. And it has been shown that working along with people of different projects can strengthen one’s own identity.
  • Separating Work from Home. If you work from home, there’s no real accountability. It’s too easy to get distracted by your bed, your TV, and fridge and lose valuable time. In addition to that, family related chores will always present themselves since if you are at home.
  • Removes isolation. A Feeling of loneliness affects productivity and creativity. Interaction with different people provides a coworking space for good productivity.
  • It builds community. Co-workers are connected by the purpose to be best in their field. In fact, coworking spaces are beneficial for the wallet.
  • Education opportunity and events. Most coworking spaces are organising events as a critical way to both increase revenue and market themselves. This means that as a coworking member, you will have fast and easy access to interesting events and education opportunities ranging from lectures about entrepreneurship and start up. To sum up, we can say that co-working is the future of work.
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